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The Office

Posted by ilovejacobblack on September 13, 2008

Okay, The Office has become my new addiction.  Let’s just say the inner workings of the Pam/Jim relationship, the Angela/Dwight relationship and the other people at the office make for one heck of a good time!  I know I’m a late-comer to the fandom, and this is yet ANOTHER TV show that I have never actually seen live, but I’m currently watching Season 2 on DVD, almost on Season 3, although I’ve never actually seen Season 1…anyway, just wanted to tell all you Office-fanatics out there that I’m watching, too!

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Posted by ilovejacobblack on September 12, 2008

Math.  You may ask, why would you write an entire TV series around numbers and equations and algebra and geometric equations?  Because it’s INTERESTING!  The TV show NUMB3RS, which I recently was exposed to, long after it aired(years, as usual), is based around an FBI agent and his brother, a mathemetician.  Together, these 2 brothers work on a variety of top-secret cases, using math and logic to convict dangerous criminals and track deadly diseases.  Throw all of this together with a sprinkling of romance, a large portion of humor, some fantastic actors, and intense action.  Mix, repeat, and adore.  “It’s like CSI, without all the blood and guts,” said one math teacher who shall remain unnamed.  Said another high school student, “It’s amazing.  Action, humor, plot- it’s got it all.” 

For a fun, action-packed experience, NUMB3RS deserves 2 thumbs up.

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Okay, Sorry about the Disappointment.

Posted by ilovejacobblack on September 9, 2008

I know, I’m basically a failure at writing what I said I would on Breaking Dawn. I got super busy, and tired of Twiight, and everyone was like “AGH Breaking Dawn SUCKS!” or, “AGH!  WHY CAN’T WE READ MIDNIGHT SUN!” or just plain “AGH!!!!” It was very frustrating.  So, I’m giving up on the whole Breaking Dawn 12 posts thing, not because I didn’t like it, but because we all know that I wouldn’t ever end up writing all of them, regardless of whether or not I actually ended them officially, and now I can write about other things without feeling guilty.  Thanks!

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BD Post #…4? Edward! Finally!

Posted by ilovejacobblack on August 25, 2008

Sorry I haven’t written in so long!  It’s been a busy few weeks…and I’ve been thinking about the topic…Edward in Breaking Dawn.  Honestly, Edward isn’t all that key in Breaking Dawn.  Sure, he’s still the romantic interest, Bella’s fiancee and then obviously her husband, but the focus of the story is no longer with him and the romantic interest.  It has moved to centralize at Bella’s motherly feelings toward Renesmee as well as Bella’s power to protect them.

So, I’ve decided I really want to focus on two aspects of Edward in BD.  One, his fatherly position, and his reaction to becoming a father, and two, his reaction to Bella being pregnant.

Edward, honestly, does not make all that good of a father.  It seems like he has almost NO contact with Renesmee in BD.  Obviously, due to the whole imprinting complications, Nessie is with Jacob a lot more than would be normal, but Edward, even after he accepts her as a daughter and is happy and “fatherly” to her, never really spends time with her. 

Two, I really thought Edward’s immediate abortion position on the baby was interesting.  I mean, obviously it was a threat to Bella, and he would do anything to eliminate that, but Edward went crazy.  It was insane, the lengths he would go to to protect Bella.  Seriously.  He was out for cold blood with that baby.  It was a little bit…interesting to see that side of him and to see him so seriously out of it in his love for Bella that he was literally in a crazed state. 

I realize that this post was VERY inconclusive and unhelpful, but Edward has never been my favorite person to talk about.  He’s boring.  He’s overprotective.  He’s too perfect.  There’s nothing to analyze there.  So, I apologize for the bore factor.  But you can blame your dear Edward for that.

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Sorry About the Delay, Guys!

Posted by ilovejacobblack on August 13, 2008

And, no, this is not Breaking Dawn installment #4.  I’m currently super busy and would hate to do Edward any less than justice!  I’m at band camp this week, so installment #4 will probably come Monday…I’m really sorry, you guys!

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Breaking Dawn #3: Writing Style

Posted by ilovejacobblack on August 7, 2008

Essentially, Stephenie’s writing style didn’t change that much.  She still wrote with the same snarky humor. She still had the same character voice, predominately Bella’s although the setup of the story into 3 books, 2 of Bella’s and one of Jacob’s was a slight change.  She still had some of the larger vocabulary, although Edward didn’t seem to speak with the same old English language as much, which was rather disappointing.  I also disliked how, on occasion, there would be parenthesis in the narration, and it would refer back to something in the previous books.  It was an unnatural occurence, like Bella was thinking “(See, last year this happened to me.)”.  It was like a shortcut for anyone who didn’t want to read the first three books to just jump in in Breaking Dawn, and it was rather frustrating for me, having read all of the other books to notice this abrupt change.

Overall, however, Stephenie Meyer maintained the same style of writing that we have known and loved in Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse.

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Overall review of Breaking Dawn that I wrote for the Twilight Lexicon

Posted by ilovejacobblack on August 6, 2008

Okay, so this is basically a combination of what I’m going to be saying, in all of my review series articles, but some of you might find it interesting.  Here’s a link to the review I wrote.

I’m the fourth one down, called Edwardisanangel!(ironic, I know.), with the same avatar I have here.

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Installment #2 in the Breaking Dawn Series: Bella

Posted by ilovejacobblack on August 6, 2008

Many say that Bella, rather than progressing in Breaking Dawn, sunk back into a character they couldn’t relate to.  To quote Stephenie Meyer herself at the Chicago Breaking Dawn signing, “I enjoyed very much writing about her experiences because it was something really fabulous to imagine, but all along, at any point, I could have stepped in and been Bella, because you know she was just this clumsy human girl and I could do what she could do. But then when she was a vampire, all of the sudden she was this amazing creature with all of these powers and I couldn’t do that anymore. So I did feel like the book was going to have to end from her point of view after we got to that point. And I did want to do a very thorough job of settling her and letting you see what that was like but at the same time I knew she wasn’t going to be that teenager that we could all relate to anymore.”(Thanks to SomethingBlue at the Twilight Lexicon for the direct quote!) I could feel this as I read, as well, although I wouldn’t go so far as to say that she didn’t develop at all as a character.  She was just…well, a little bit different.  I will let the fact that she becomes a vampire-perfect, hard, cold, and no longer clumsy- account for part of the fact that she becomes more unrelatable. Another aspect of Bella that changes is her maternal instincts and desires, when she had formerly had no desires to be a mother.  This definitely distances her in the eyes of mostly teenage fans who wouldn’t ever make the decision to keep the baby in her situation. I, however, thought it just added depth to her character. She had previously been driven by 2 things- love for her family, and love for Edward(in this case, I guess I could say she was also driven by love for Jacob, but we’ll count him as more familial love).  Some would say that love for Renesmee would fall into the category as love for her family, and it does, but I think in this case, the maternal love for a daughter is strong enough to merit it’s own category. 

Bella’s maternal love is a strong force, not one to be reckoned with.  Some say that having Bella love someone else as much as, or quite possibly more than, Edward draws away from her character, as that had been a very major facet of her personality before.  I think that, however, having the ability to do more than be infatuated with Edward shows quite a development and a step forward for Bella.

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The Plot of Breaking Dawn

Posted by ilovejacobblack on August 5, 2008

I was originally going to outline everything- go through the plot point by endless point.  But it got WAY too long, and I was only on chapter eleven, so I decided to stop.  There will be no convenient plot summary here.  You’ll just have to deal and go read the book if you want to find out what happens.  However, I will outline my favorite and least favorite plot points, the most climactic, and decide how well it connects to Eclipse and ties off Bella’s story.  Be warned- this will contain extensive plot spoilers.

First, something that I noticed from the beginning was that this plot seemed to have a darker quality to it.  Rather than keeping Bella a virgin and the books free from spot and perfectly clean, this book started off, almost immediately with Bella and Edward having sex. This was, of course, expected, but it still wasn’t a way, in my opinion, to start branching off into the darker regions of YA fiction. Throughout the book, it has references to innuendos and their private moments together, and although they are married and the descriptions never went any further than their kissing had in the first 3 books, it still had a “darker” pretense to it that I would have preferred to lighten up a bit.  (By the way, I say “darker” in a way not meaning evil, because in fact it is something that lightens Bella’s and Edward’s moods quite a book, but in a way implying that they remove the title that I have cherished with these books so long- the “good girl quality”.)

A favorite scene…hmm…I must say, the ending was very well written, very nicely plotted, with Bella strengthening to protect her family and friends and preventing the onslaught of the Volturi.  It was definitely good that we got some closure on their front which was necessary to tie off all the loose ends in the book.  I do wish there had been a good fight, though.  They did tie everything off nicely, but it was a bit too “posh” for me.  A good fight would have been better on the side of the good guys’ triumph.  I also think that a bit more death would have been better.  I’m not going to bring up the topic of the lack of death being “unrealistic,” because I would probably get my head bitten off, but I think it would have added to the story to have a bit more sacrifice along with the happily ever after.  “In all things there must needs be opposition”(-2 Nephi 2) and this lacked the opposition to the perfect fairy tale. 

Bella’s growth as she became a mother was great.  She began to feel more strong love, rather than just toward Edward, more familial love toward Jacob and Nessie.  This was also shown in the growth of her vampire power to protect others.  Bella has always been selfless, and this was a symbol of that aspect of her personality.  The maternal quality and growth of Bella also added more depth to the books that, I think, they previously lacked.  Before, Twilight had been pure, undiluted romance, although in Eclipse there was more of the theme of sacrifice, but now it discussed more themes of love than just the love of lovers(sorry, I couldn’t think how to put that).

And now, I really can’t think of much else to say, so I’ll close on some humorous and cool notes- I was very happy when the Aston Martin was resurrected!  I’m so glad that got in there somewhere! And just gotta note- I loved the blonde jokes, Jacob!!!

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Okay, So Now That I’ve Finished Breaking Dawn, I’ve Decided To Do This In An ORDERLY Fashion…

Posted by ilovejacobblack on August 3, 2008

So, in order as far as I plan to publish them, here are the number of articles I plan to release, starting either tonight, if I have time, or on Tuesday sometime.

1. The overall plot of the book, including how it ties into the ending of Eclipse and how well it wraps up Bella’s story.

2. The development of Bella, as a character, from where she stood at the end of Eclipse to where she now stands, at the end of her tale.

3. The writing style, including changes in the style from other books, language, point of view, etc.

4. The development of Edward. See description in #2.

5. The relationships between both Jacob and Renesmee, Jacob and Bella, Bella and Edward, Jacob and Leah, Edward and Seth, etc. as they apply to the storyline and intermingle with each other.

6. The development of Leah from a snobbish brat to a relatively un-obnoxious friend.

7. The politics of Garrett’s speech, in slight comparison to the politics of our world today. (I guarantee this post to be rather short, as I really don’t find it politics to be all that interesting, and I’d rather keep my own opinions to myself on the subject.

8. The development of Jacob as a character. See #2.

9. An intense discussion of the cover, which I’m still trying to figure out in it’s entirety.

10. The development of Renesmee.

11. A discussion of all the other minor characters as they develop: Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, Jasper, Carlisle, Seth, Charlie, Aro, and other vampires from the the various covens.

12. An overall rating of the book as a whole.

Once again, if you have any other comments to add, or any topics you think vital to my judgement of the book that I might have missed, feel free to tell me, and I’ll try to either add them or intermingle them with other topics. Happy reading to anyone who may not have finished Breaking Dawn yet!

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